ARTBRIDGE Compilation – Final Cover

23 Mrz


2 Antworten to “ARTBRIDGE Compilation – Final Cover”

  1. Greg Johnson 25. März 2011 um 7:54 pm #

    Dear Director or Curator.

    I was Inspired to send a portfolio of my work to your establishment for consideration by your Curatorial Comittee, Board of Directors, Director of Exhibitions, or President.

    The Manifesto found on my website; encapsulates my state of being as an artist. This „letter of interest“ substantiates my aspiration toward full-time sculptural endeavors. To achieve this goal, far reaching exposure is required. In the past I have done many out of state art shows which provided some of that much needed exposure. Revenues from sales, regrettably, were more than devoured by the expenses.

    Currently I do as many local shows as I wish, and have sculptures on public display in Wichita Kansas, with more bieng dedicated this summer. However, the supportive local art community, who are now all good friends, are not in the market for larger sculpture purchases. Consequently, I am exited to have my recently updated website available for reference. I hope you enjoy reviewing my website, as well as the high resolution views of my pieces on the enclosed disk. If any further information is required please do not hesitate to contact me by e-mail or by phone.

    Yours in the zone, Greg Johnson



    Phone: (316) 265-1313

    Mailing Address: Greg Johnson Sculpture
    226 N. Kansas
    Wichita, Kansas 67214

    • WEBKNIGGE 9. April 2011 um 2:13 am #

      happy to get it.
      mantu at


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